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(Updated January 7, 2021)

In-Sight Publishing

Publication Location: Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Publisher: In-Sight Publishing

“Search men’s governing principles, and consider the wise, what they shun and what they cleave to.”

-Marcus Aurelius

Publications: People

Publications: Overview

In-Sight Publishing Overview

In-Sight Publishing began in Winter 2014. It publishes ebooks, for free and charge, and operates in independent and public interests rather than for private gains, and is committed to publishing, in innovative ways, ways of cultural, community, educational, moral, personal, and social value that seem often deemed insufficiently profitable. It operates inside and outside of the bounds of non-profit/not-for-profit. In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal began in Winter 2012. It publishes interviews, articles, and issues. It operates inside the bounds of non-profit/not-for-profit. It equates to the first international independent interview-based journal. All informal statuses; all proceeds from purchases towards In-Sight Publishing and In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal in their stated objectives to advance cultural, community, educational, moral, personal, and social value.

Open, General Acknowledgement and Appreciation

In-Sight Publishing and In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal exist because of three identifiable sectors of support: academics, contributors, and readers. Therefore, all time and effort does have identifiable people, groups, and organizations. Each earned acknowledgement and appreciation for single or continuous, individual or group, contribution in the construction of In-Sight Publishing and In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal. Many of them without mention of name contributed time and effort to the production of the journal. Some with provision of interviewee recommendations, connection to the interviewee, assistance in social media, social networks, and academic circles, photography or portraits, time for considered and comprehensive responses to questions, and assertive, constructive, and positive feedback too. Finally, and greatest, readers give the most support. For every person, group, and organization involved in this project, we express deepest gratitude to all types of direct or indirect assistance from every side for contributions to this initiative. Your effort, interest, and time support independent publishing purposed for the encouragement of academic freedom, creativity, diverse voices, and independent thought.

Design and Development

  • Phase 1, August 1, 2012: foundation with “Independent Interview-Based Undergraduate Journal” status.
  • Phase 2, January 1, 2013: production capacity increased with “Tri-Annual” status. 
  • Phase 3, January 1, 2014: stricture removal, both implied and actual, based on “Undergraduate” status through cessation of “Independent Interview-Based Undergraduate Journal” status and instantiation of “Independent Interview-Based Journal” status.
  • Phase 4, January 1, 2014: increased presence through incorporation of social media.
  • Phase 5, September 1, 2014: creation of In-Sight Publishing, and inclusion of reference styles in American Psychological Association (APA, 6th Edition, 2010) and Modern Language Association (MLA, 7th Edition, 2009).
  • Phase 6, January 1, 2015: inclusion of footnotes and bibliographic references in full PDF issues, and Chicago/Turabian (16th Edition) and Harvard reference styles, and creation of the ebooks section for the first stages of construction of In-Sight Publishing.
  • Phase 7, January 1, 2015: incorporation of American Psychological Association (APA, 6th Edition, 2010), Chicago/Turabian (16th Edition), Harvard, and Modern Language Association (MLA, 7th Edition, 2009) reference styles in website interview publications.
  • Phase 8, April 1, 2015: creation of “Academic” and “Casual” sections for ebook publications. “Academic” includes footnotes, bibliographic references, and reference styles. “Casual” does not include footnotes, bibliographic references, and reference styles.
  • Phase 9, May 1, 2015: inclusion of footnotes and bibliographic references in website interview publications.
  • Phase 10, July 1, 2015: incorporation of common reference styles such as American Medical Association (AMA), American Psychological Association (APA, 6th Edition, 2010), Brazilian National Standards (ABNT), Chicago/Turabian Author-Date (16th Edition), Chicago/Turabian (16th Edition), Harvard, Harvard (Australian), Modern Language Association (MLA, 7th Edition, 2009), and Vancouver/ICMJE reference styles in website interview publications in addition to one complete list of 27 reference styles (manual insertion without access dates)
  • Phase 11, August 22, 2015: article website layout refinement: article title, biography, abstract, keywords, common reference style listing, article title, bibliography/references/reference list, footnotes, appendix I: complete reference style listing – if any, other appendices including tables, figures, and images, and license and copyright. Updates to CopyrightGeneral PhilosophyIn-Sight Publishing: OverviewJournal Overview: Section B, and License.
  • Phase 12, September 1, 2015: previous Letter of Appreciation appreciations moved to Acknowledgements and Appreciation. Major appreciations remain in Letter of Appreciation. In addition, the refinement of interview layout on the website: interview title, interviewee image/photograph/portrait/sketch, abstract, keywords, common reference style listing, interview title, bibliography/references/reference listing, footnotes, appendix 1: complete reference style listing, and license and copyright; refinement to interviews in full issues: interview title, interviewee image/photograph/portrait/sketch, contents, abstract, keywords, common reference style listing, interview title, bibliography/references/reference listing, appendix 1: complete reference style listing – if any, other appendices including tables, figures, and images, and license and copyright. Footnotes for each page remain in their respective page. An update to ebook inside cover with respect to mandate and copyright. All informal statuses.
  • Phase 13, September 22, 2015: revision to format of the online publications, introduction of appendices for photographs, transformation of bibliography/references/reference list into bibliography, removal of common reference style listing, and introduction of citation style listing in place of complete reference style listing.
  • Phase 14, November 1, 2015: Amazon purchase transition with total proceeds to co-authors and In-Sight Publishing and In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal; EBSCO contract signed by Scott Douglas Jacobsen and EBSCO to proliferate In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal for formal institution distribution from the P.D.F. issues.
  • Phase 15, January 1, 2016: EBSCO co-sign completion with over 150 entries at the time; officiation of the In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal with continued information status of In-Sight Publishing.
  • Phase 16, February 1, 2016: In-Sight Publishing “academic” books have consistent “casual” counterparts; “academic” will be free on the website to encourage independent thought with footnotes and bibliographic references for personal research, and casual will be for charge with half of interview funds given to the interviewee (and the other half to In-Sight Publishing efforts towards cultural, community, educational, moral, personal, and social value); some e-books will not include the delineation between “academic” and “casual.”
  • Phase 17, May 1, 2016: Update and refine contents for Amazon Kindle products for In-Sight Publishing.
  • Phase 18, September 18, 2016: attain and maintain 18 member Advisory Board with 1 Editor-in-Chief for the individual interview publications, free and low-cost e-books, and full journal issues.
  • Phase 19, November 1, 2016: develop and implement early stages of novel venue for solo and collaborative article publications and interview publications in both academic and casual formats outside of the journal through In-Sight Publishing as hyperlinks compatible with P.D.F., Kindle, and iBooks.
  • Phase 19, November 1, 2016: develop and implement early stages of novel venue for solo and collaborative article publications and interview publications in both academic and casual formats outside of the journal through In-Sight Publishing as hyperlinks compatible with P.D.F., Kindle, and iBooks.
  • Phase 20, November 1, 2017: expand the range and variety of front cover options of ebooks for more aesthetic appeal.
  • Phase 21, February 1, 2018: experiment with individual, unique book cover designs.
  • Phase 22, March 1, 2018: continuation with the previous phase, as this worked.
  • Phase 23, April 15, 2018: updates to the In-Sight Publishing In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal archives at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) Interdisciplinary Center for the Scientific Study of Ethics and Morality (Ethics Center) Vaughen Archives (Bettye Vaughen):
  • Phase 24, June 7, 2018: beginnings of more journals with Ghana’s 5% and In Context.
  • Phase 25, June 8, 2018: beginnings of Apostasia.
  • Phase 26, June 11, 2018: beginnings of Indigenous Middle East.
  • Phase 27, June 12, 2018: construction of team for Ghana’s 5%.
  • Phase 28, June 24, 2018: construction of team for Indigenous Middle East.
  • Phase 29, June 18, 2018: beginnings of Canadian Islamic Theology Journal.
  • Phase 30, September 8, 2018: start publications of Indigenous Middle East and In Context.
  • Phase 31, September 13, 2018: construction of team for Canadian Islamic Theology Journal.
  • Phase 32, October 21, 2018: beginnings of African Freethinker.
  • Phase 33, November 1, 2018: start publications of African Freethinker and Ghana’s 5%.
  • Phase 34, November 3, 2018: construction of national editorial teams for African Freethinker.
  • Phase 35, December 1, 2018: add years sections in Ebooks tab.
  • Phase 36, January 1, 2019: increase of the available chronologies on the website.
  • Phase 37, June 1, 2019: experiment with more published ebook material with 2 ebooks published at this time.
  • Phase 38, July 1, 2019: collect and compiled disparate written professional productions of insufficient size in a single publication to complete an individual ebook for publication as an ongoing series entitled “Book of Stuff,” as, humorously, a book with stuff in it.
  • Phase 39, August 1, 2019: alteration of copyright interior of ebooks and further work to expand co-authors.
  • Phase 40, January 2, 2020: an experimental bilingual ebook with prominent ex-Muslim and Founder of the Council of Ex-Muslims of France, Waleed Al-Husseini, entitled Crépuscule des idoles: Conversations avec un Franco-palestinien sur le sécularisme.
  • Phase 41, February 1, 2020: increased collaborative efforts with others for co-authored books.
  • Phase 42, February 1, 2020: ongoing collecting and publishing of extant materials in various publications with small collections insufficient for an entire book alone collated and published as the Book of Stuff series.
  • Phase 43, February 1, 2020: ongoing refinement and advancement in the sophistication of the ebooks.
  • Phase 44, February 1, 2020: ongoing connections between ebooks on In-Sight Publishing main site for free and Amazon Kindle ebooks for low-cost with connection back to the original In-Sight Publishing website.
  • Phase 44, April 12, 2020: updates to the Advisory Boards and Update to progress on publications, including African Freethinker, Apostasia, Ghana’s 5%, In Context, In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal, Indigenous Middle East, Question Time, and World Religions Theology Journal.
  • Phase 45, May 1, 2020: incorporation of Publication Chronology for each publication with publications.
  • Phase 46, May 1, 2020: inclusion of more article submissions of a variety of authors, including more experimental large-scale discussion groups published together.
  • Phase 47, May 8, 2020: experiment with the removal of the number of the questions to simplify some of the interview questions and response presentation.
  • Phase 48, September 1, 2020: introduction of new series and changing of some of the formatting of the interviews and the articles.
  • Phase 49, January 1, 2021: experiment with a dual-series single issue, “Issue 24.A, Idea: Outliers & Outsiders (Part Twenty) & Issue 25.A, Idea: Land of Fire and Ice: Islandia, Snelandia, and Insula Gardari (1).”
  • Phase 50, January 1, 2021: creation of section “D” for In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal as a separate section of the formal issues devoted to group discussions, i.e., 3 or more participants with the “3 or more” inclusive of the moderator.
  • Phase 51, January 1, 2021: introduction of yearly renewal invitations to Advisory Board to maintain up-to-date consent of use of name and profile for In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal.
  • Phase 52, January 1, 2021: updates to various sections of the website copy in content and in the formulation of the structure of the publications and the websites.
  • Phase 53, January 1, 2021: improved sophistication and organization of the journal issue contents and form.

Future phases will incorporate donations, paid (low-cost) ebooks, more ebook listings, and re-design and transformations of In-Sight Publishing.

License and Copyright


In-Sight Publishing and In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal by Scott Douglas Jacobsen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at


© Scott Douglas Jacobsen and In-Sight Publishing 2012-2021. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Scott Douglas Jacobsen, and In-Sight Publishing and In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. All interviewees and authors co-copyright their material and may disseminate for their independent purposes.

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