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In-Sight: USIA Journal

United Sigma Intelligence Association

The USIA: United Sigma Intelligence Association contains the first and the oldest 3 sigma, 4 sigma, 5 sigma high IQ societies in South Korea, founded in January 22, 2008, July 3, 2007, and July 25, 2012, respectively.

As an umbrella society or umbrella organization, USIA contains the TSA: Three Sigma Associate Society, FSA: Four Sigma Associate Society, and ESA: Extreme Sigma Associate Society, or 3 sigma, 4 sigma, and 5 sigma, respectively.

TSA, FSA, and ESA accept gifted membership applicants around the world, or special invitations, based on exclusively qualified high cognitive ability performance – Please see relative* IQs per standard deviation for TSA, FSA, and ESA below:

ESA: Extreme Sigma Associate Society
≥ IQ 175 (S.D. 15, Wechsler Scale)
≥ IQ 180 (S.D. 16, Stanford-Binet Scale)
≥ IQ 220 (S.D. 24, Cattell Scale)
≥ IQ 220 (S.D. 24, Mensa Korea Scale)

FSA: Four Sigma Associate Society
≥ IQ 160 (S.D. 15, Wechsler Scale)
≥ IQ 164 (S.D. 16, Stanford-Binet Scale)
≥ IQ 196 (S.D. 24, Cattell Scale)
≥ IQ 196 (S.D. 24, Mensa Korea Scale)

TSA: Three Sigma Associate Society
≥ IQ 145 (S.D. 15, Wechsler Scale)
≥ IQ 148 (S.D. 16, Stanford-Binet Scale)
≥ IQ 172 (S.D. 24, Cattell Scale)
≥ IQ 172 (S.D. 24, Mensa Korea Scale)

*”Sigma” above applies to “S.D.” or standard deviation above, too. 5 sigma, when S.D. equals 15, 16, or 24 , means 3 times 15, 16, or 24, or 175, 180, and 220, respectively. With a mean or average of 100, the 175, 180, or 220 can be added in the ESA Society.*

Each Society‘s cognitive level functions in a restricted way, every society restricted to an initiative and to brainstorming with our members who have high intelligence and education. USIA welcomes prospective members of the selective and gifted amongst the highest levels in addition to those with high levels of education.

In-Sight: USIA Journal


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